Perennial Circle of Sacred Activism


BE a Force of Nature

Our monthly New Moon Circle will bring together women and men who are ready to ignite and nurture their healing energy and transmit it out into a world that desperately needs it. We'll meditate, share, set intention and deepen our commitment to being sacred activists. When we follow our heartbreak it leads us right into the places where we are destined to become a force of Nature!

We meet monthly, on the New Moon from 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Cost : FREE  | There is no charge for Circle meetings. Instead you are encouraged to respond when you see a need outside of yourself by doing what you can.


<< Sep 23 2017 - Dec 16 2017 >>

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Sacred Activism begins with listening to our own heartbreak and
soul’s dream for a better world.

Being a sacred activist is an invitation to dance in the flow 
and to come into harmony with our life path.

We understand that our conditioned minds have become fearful,
armed and reactive, causing us to lose contact with our essential Nature.
As Sacred Activists we are moving beyond coping and reactivity so we
can live the beautiful life we are meant to live. 

We are no longer defined by separation, scarcity and survival or
living in a world of violence, poverty, oppression and environmental
degradation. We are ready to look at the world with fresh eyes,
to see the incredible opportunity that awaits us, and to wholeheartedly
embrace our responsibility to co-create a world defined by unity,
inclusion, abundance and joyful living.  

We know we can heal our individual painful experiences and wounds
by allowing them to come to the surface, sharing them and then
allowing them to pass on so we can experience the beauty
of the present moment. We are ready to drop our shields and weapons 
because they now feel like burdens and walls that separate;
me from my true Nature, me from you, us from them.

We are developing our capacities of trusting intuition, expanding consciousness
and making space for Grace. The result is a renewed Spirit and better
responses to our individual life challenges which creates peace
on the earth and in humanity collectively.  

The time is right!  Today’s spirituality, ancient wisdom traditions
and modern science are all converging into a new paradigm of
what it means to be human. 
We are uniquely positioned in time to live this wild and
precious adventure calling forth our true Nature. 

Our journey to becoming Sacred Activist is a circle. We continuously
cycle though our experiences and learn our life lessons climbing higher
and higher in spiritual understanding, and sinking deeper and deeper
into our own soul’s calling. 

We are becoming a force of Nature.


To break our addiction to patterned thoughts and stories
we created 
to protect ourselves in an uncertain world. 

When we meditate we make friends with ourselves, completely.  
We accept all our parts, not just the parts we like.
Meditation evaporates our way of seeing duality in the world.

We meditate to let go of our preoccupation with protecting
ourselves, and to allow ourselves to become more vulnerable
and grounded in the here and now. 
In our surrendered state
we enable a surrendered state to come into existence in the rest
of humanity and the universe as a whole.


Without flaunting, being embarrassed by, loving or being afraid
of our pain, we relax with ourselves and our Circle companions
to share what is true for us right now. 
When our sharing is met with love, compassion and the
validating experience of being seen, 
it begins the sweet process of
acceptance and surrender.


Through Intention setting we enter into a relationship with Grace.
Earthly matters find their natural place in our consciousness and a
great power to affect our own and humanity’s course is ignited. 


We act to answer the questions, “who am I?” and “where am I going? 
It is our unique privilege as sentient beings to be able to live the
answers to these questions and to 
BE-come a force of Nature.
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