Find Your Happiness - Beginner Level Workshop


Two Separate Offerings: with Tracy Traeder & Haywood Simmons
Cost: $90 per 3-part series  
(10% discount to members)

Wednesdays, January 11 - 25
| 10:00 to Noon

Saturday, January 14 - 28 | 1:00 to 3:00 pm

This 3-part workshop series is designed for individuals who wish to obtain an understanding of how to bring sustained happiness into their life. How to build resilience to handle the challenges of life with more grace and ease.

Session 1

The first session will cover an overview of new and exciting research on the science of happiness, how the brain handles negative versus positive information, the impact of our words and thoughts on our energy, vibration and well-being, the advantages of positivity and how society’s current model for happiness is backward. You’ll learn some simple, yet life-changing, key habits for raising your baseline for happiness.

Session 2

The second session will delve deeper into how we can navigate the challenges of life with resilience and grace and get to the other side without getting stuck in the muck. You’ll hear about current research on stress and anxiety and how to better manage, redefine and reframe it. We’ll discuss the topic of forgiveness…what it is, how to cultivate it and why.

Session 3

The third session will give you even more tools for your toolbox on how to sustain happiness through life’s challenges. You’ll also learn more on the importance of compassion and how to inspire happiness in others.

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