Spring Renewal BEtreat with Marta

 |  10:00am - 3:00pm  with lunch at Surya Cafe

Come out of hibernation and renew your connection to your practice, your self, the season and your life. Rather than retreating, this day-long event is about showing up and being in full presence in a way that feels like the treat you deserve. Be with yourself in a new and nurturing way; this is the essence of BEtreat.



Our morning begins with a short talk followed by a gentle detoxifying flow and mindfulness meditation to clear the clutter and create space for renewed intention and a vibrant mind.

We enjoy lunch at Perennial’s Surya Cafe with specially prepared Ayurvedic dishes and tea designed to support and balance our doshas for Spring. 

In the afternoon, we learn self-care practices for the season ahead, and spend time journaling and sharing our intentions going forward. The day wraps up with a deeply nourishing restorative sequence and a guided meditation that will send us off with ease and clarity.

Cost: $125 includes lunch from Surya Cafe
10%  discount to Perennial Members  |  No drop-ins allowed

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