This class is taught by:

Katie Hill

Katie Hill is a happy yoga teacher and life-long yoga and meditation student. Having been introduced to the practice at the ripe age of 13 as a way to cope with a rather fiery adolescence, Katie has been dedicated to yoga and meditation for 27 years. In 2006 she received her 200-hour teachers certificate from Living Yoga Program in Austin, TX. She has studied with many amazing master teachers, and blends the best of her favorite styles into a grounded slow flow practice that is calming and life-affirming. Katie believes that every person can do yoga and can benefit from the life-changing practice, regardless of the state of their physical body or their current beliefs about their abilities. Her style incorporates grace, humor, acceptance, and mindfulness. A writer, proud mom, health + life coach, and true Gemini, you can read more of Katie's work at

Jamie Healy

Jamie took her first yoga class in Seattle in 2002 and has been practicing ever since. She has a deep respect for the ability of the human body to heal itself and has seen firsthand what a consistent yoga practice can do to calm the mind and deepen the connection to self and others. Jamie is a lover of all things natural. Often described as “organic,” she creates natural skin care products using essential oils. In 2014 Jamie received her 200 hour RYT certification after completing the Perennial Wisdom Yoga Teacher Training at Perennial Yoga & Meditation. Jamie’s classes will encourage you to trust your inner teacher and connect to your truest nature. Jamie is honored to witness the transformative power of yoga in her students and feels blessed to be a part of the Perennial community.

Kat Davis

You could call me a former-mermaid, hug-giver, lover of the moon & all things sparkly. My path has long been one of curiosity & learning about the body, with regards to movement & its innate ability to heal. Dance, Martial Arts, SCUBA Instructor, Massage Therapy, Reiki & a lot of self-study all brought me to Yoga. Practice was intermittent until taking studio classes & realizing the benefits of group energy & help of a teacher. Starting at Perennial in 2011 & taking my first Bhakti class cracked the armor I’d long carried. Practice intensified & I felt the need to pay it forward. In May of 2015, I received my RYT 200 certification from Perennial Yoga & Meditation & I can honestly say that it has changed my life. My teaching ranges from soulful Vinyasa classes that flow with the breath & the seasons, to balancing Yin & Restorative classes. With permission, I love to give hands on assists offering healing Reiki energy & gentle guidance to deepen your experience. My intention is to hold a safe space for students to find their own light, strength and grace – both on and off the mat. I truly believe we can change the world, one breath at a time.

Anne Adametz

Anne Adametz, Acupuncturist and Yoga Therapist & Mentor. Anne has traveled to over 20 countries, exploring and honing approaches to self care. Anne offers classes, treatments and mentoring sessions, sharing knowledge of ancient techniques with humor and real-life, in-the-moment applications you can practice every day, with everyone you meet.

Maria Lawrence

Maria Lawrence became a yoga teacher as an expression of deep gratitude. Amazed by the physical and spiritual healing yoga restored to her life Maria sought deeper knowledge of yoga and received her RYT 200 hour certification at Perennial Yoga and Meditation. Maria's Vinyasa classes focus on uniting breath and body movement to calm the mind while building strength and self-confidence. Practice over perfection is encouraged on and off the mat. Maria welcomes humor, compassion, and all levels of students to her classes.

Sophia Maria Janus

Sophie feels blessed to have found yoga so early in life as she has seen an outstanding transformation from a stressed, self-conscious, and grieving teenager into a light-hearted, open, and grounded human being through its endless benefits. As her dedicated mat practice turned into a longing for a deeper understanding of yoga, she sought out the teacher training program at The Studio in Madison, WI, and received her RYT200 in June 2017. She continues to be fascinated by our bodies’ abilities to move in such beautiful ways in coordination with breath while building inner strength. Sophie’s classes encourage students to tune in to their breath and creative movement through rhythmic flows while maintaining the intention to build physical, mental, and emotional strength from the inside out. Offerings are always invitations to play, laugh, and be mindful of self love.
A class that incorporates creative vinyasa sequencing (breath-inspired movement), attention to alignment, breath awareness, meditation and chanting to build strength, increase flexibility, calm the mind and open the heart. 
For students newer to yoga or who prefer a slower paced practice.

Upcoming classes:

  • Fri Nov 24 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm with Katie Hill
  • Sat Nov 25 4:00 pm - 5:15 pm with Katie Hill
  • Mon Nov 27 8:00 am - 9:15 am with Jamie Healy
  • Tue Nov 28 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm with Kat Davis
  • Wed Nov 29 8:30 am - 9:45 am with Anne Adametz
  • Thu Nov 30 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm with Maria Lawrence
  • Fri Dec 01 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm with Katie Hill
  • Sat Dec 02 4:00 pm - 5:15 pm with Katie Hill
  • Mon Dec 04 8:00 am - 9:15 am with Jamie Healy
  • Tue Dec 05 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm with Kat Davis
  • Wed Dec 06 8:30 am - 9:45 am with Anne Adametz
  • Thu Dec 07 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm with Sophia Maria Janus
  • Fri Dec 08 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm with Katie Hill
  • Sat Dec 09 4:00 pm - 5:15 pm with Katie Hill
  • Mon Dec 11 8:00 am - 9:15 am with Jamie Healy
  • Tue Dec 12 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm with Kat Davis
  • Wed Dec 13 8:30 am - 9:45 am with Anne Adametz
  • Thu Dec 14 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm with Maria Lawrence
  • Fri Dec 15 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm with Katie Hill
  • Sat Dec 16 4:00 pm - 5:15 pm with Katie Hill