This class is taught by:

Megan Grace

I am so very grateful to have landed firmly in the center of my dharma at this stage in my life. The "call" I've heard can be summed up by the words of Crosby, Stills & Nash - “Spirit is using me, a larger voice is calling.” My answer to that call led me to create yoga and meditation spaces, a vegan cafe, a healing space where energy medicine is administered, and a yoga school. This thriving, healing, liberating community is called Perennial - Yoga, Wisdom, Community. Perennial is offering people the time, the space and the practices that create mind, body and spiritual health. It is making it possible for them to unleash their best energy at home, at work, locally and globally. As humans we are resilient and we are fiercely and peacefully powerful when we put our minds and bodies in service to our heart. As more and more of us are putting our love into action we are creating a better life for ourself and others. I discovered yoga in 2004 and it reshaped my body and eventually my entire life because it illuminated a worldview I already knew deep down. I started teaching yoga after just 4 years of practice and became the space holder of Perennial six months later. I’m honored to extend the beauty and power of yoga and meditation to others, knowing firsthand how transformational and healing they are for me. I lead a flowing and reverential style of vinyasa yoga that is sprinkled with ancient and modern Wisdom. My hope is that you’ll leave my yoga class grounded in your body, flowing to your natural rhythm, and inspired to live wholeheartedly. I also lead meditation weekly. During this time we explore how to create a mind that serves us rather than sabotages us. I am the co-leader of the Perennial Wisdom Yoga School with Keith Borden. I am blessed to learn as much as I teach during these sessions. My life expands as I share moments with others who understand we have one wild and precious life to live! We seek inspiration, possibility, Truth and Grace and we accept that there will be some tears along the way and a whole lot of laughter.

To be a Sacred Activist is to be and to continually work towards becoming a force of compassion in action. Sacred Activism at Perennial, which Perennial's founder Megan Grace is mid-wifing, is destined to become part of the bedrock of our community. Megan believes her soul's purpose in creating Perennial was to contribute to, in her own small but hopefully significant way, the birth of a community filled with passionate people who are ready and able to co-create with the Divine. Our monthly Sacred Activism Circle brings together women and men who are ready to ignite and nurture their healing energy and transmit it out into the world in the form of loving thoughts, words and actions. What happens at a Circle? As you enter our Earth Studio you'll step into a large grounding bowl that sends a healing and opening vibration through you. Then you'll lie down, propped by bolsters and blankets, and take a journey deep into yourSelf with a Yoga Nidra and loving kindness meditation guided by Megan Grace. Throughout your journey Shari Henning sends the enchanting and healing sounds of singing bowls into the space. Yoga Nidra is the "sleep" of yoga. It is a very relaxing and grounding practice that does not include any physical practice.

Cost:  No Charge | A Sacred Activism Initiative

Upcoming classes:

  • Wed Nov 07 5:45 pm - 6:45 pm with Megan Grace