Meg Sirchio Groves

I discovered yoga in 2004 and began a very regular, almost fanatical practice. It reshaped my body and eventually my entire life because it illuminated a worldview I already knew and understood at a deeper level. I started teaching yoga after just 4 years of practice and became the space holder of Perennial six months after that. I’m honored to extend the beauty and power of yoga to others, knowing firsthand how transformational and healing this practice is. I lead a flowing and reverential style of vinyasa yoga that is sprinkled with spiritual teachings. I believe anyone can practice in my class if they are willing to co-create their experience on their mat by listening to what their body, mind and heart is calling for and then answering that call. My hope is that you’ll leave my class grounded in your body, flowing to your natural rhythm, and inspired to live wholeheartedly. Along the way I promise you you'll find inspiration, Truth, possibility, some tears and a whole lot of laughter.
I hope to see you at Perennial. You can also connect with me on my Facebook Page - Third Eye to Third Eye.

Meg Sirchio Groves instructs the following:
  • Loving Kindness Meditation is aimed at breaking down barriers and restoring compassion and kindness towards others, including ourselves! Our Wednesday evening meditation is led by Perennial founder, Meg Sirchio Groves, and is designed to help you explore how love is at the core of your Being and how forgiveness, gratitude and generosity can and will flow from this space when we remember this Truth. Our 45 minutes together is spent meditating on what is breaking or weighing heavy on our heart, sharing this with the group, if you choose to do so, and then combining our hearts, minds and intentions in a loving-kindness meditation led by Meg. By reconnecting with the love that we are we can affect the energy that flows through us and from us so we're more equipped to navigate our relationships with other beings and all of creation. Come and experience the release and the power of joining with others and taking a deeper dive into our true nature, which is LOVE.

  • This class is for the adventurous one! It incorporates challenging postures and moves at a vibrant, exhilarating and uplifting pace. 
    For students who have a regular practice and who are familiar with the poses. This class requires presence of mind and the self-discipline to know your own limits so you can practice accordingly.