Sean Ward

I found my way into yoga many years ago as a way to accentuate my meditation practice. As a result, I created greater strength and control in my body, more calm and clarity in my mind, and a stronger sense of connection spiritually. I am always excited by the possibility of helping someone else realize the many benefits of yoga and meditation that I have. Simply put, my offerings are geared towards a mindful, heart-centered practice that promotes presence and supports heightened self awareness.

Sean completed the 200 hour Yoga Teaching Certification at Inner Fire Yoga, Madison, WI in 2012. As a Reiki Master, Sean infuses powerful healing energy into every class, and seeks to create a space for a more meditative, spiritual practice. Check him out at Spiritwonk or Facebook

Sean Ward instructs the following:
  • Practiced in the Vinyasa style of yoga, this expanded class takes on the teacher's expression of the practice. Breath-centered warm-ups, organic unfolding, sun salutations, standing poses, heart-opening backbends, cleansing twists, forward folds, hip openers and inversions are sequenced and flowing. The longer practice allows for a period of meditation. 
    For students who have a regular practice and want to move at a more rejuvenating and rhythmic pace and spend time in meditation.

  • This Vinyasa style class is a balanced approach of effort and ease. It incorporates more challenging postures, including optional inversions and arm balances, and moves at a more dynamic tempo to build strength and grace. 
    For students who have a regular practice and want to move at a more rejuvenating and rhythmic pace.

  • Our Yoga Immersion classes are for you if you're ready to deepen your practice and have your life enhanced by the innumerable and beautiful nuances of yoga. When you have an established practice (2-6 times per week for several months) your mind, body and spiritual well-being will benefit profoundly by adding in our Immersion classes. These classes give you, and the teacher, the time needed to take a more focused dive into the depths of this incredibly rich and varied practice. How often you weave these classes into your schedule is up to you, but we recommend you do so at least monthly. We strongly recommend you experience yoga with Keith, Marina, Sean, Katie, and Kat. Each of them brings their own knowledge, passion and style to their teaching and your own practice will benefit the most by experiencing them all. All four teachers will give you the opportunity to explore poses, breath, chanting, concentration and yoga dharma. You simply need to show up with a desire to learn and grow and with an open, flexible and curious attitude.

    For students already practicing on a regular basis who wish to broaden their yoga.

  • Inward Journey
  • If you have an interest in deepening your meditation practice and/or an interest in experiencing the energy work Sean Ward offers, then this monthly gathering is for you. Sean is adept at holding space that is supportive, nurturing and spiritually healing. These sessions are comprised of breath work exercises, meditation and Reiki.
    We'll gather as a small group (max 10 people) and delve deeply into the universe of our inner existence. This is an opportunity for personal growth and healing. We seek expansion of conscious awareness and invite the realization of connection with spirit guides. This offering best serves those with an established meditation practice, or a strong desire to explore.
    Cost: $37 / 10% Discount for Perennial Members

  • November Dharma Talk - Reiki
  • During the session, Sean will present a brief history and explanation of what the practice of Reiki is. Answering frequently asked questions, Sean will also offer insight about his persona take on The use of energy healing to heighten every day quality of life.

  • Our Sunday morning meditation is a time and a space for you to stop for a moment, to catch your breath and to remember your essential nature, which is deep peace, love, compassion, strength and power. Insight Meditation, or Vipassana, is the ultimate expression of Socrates' dictum, "know thyself." It's based on the Buddha's original teaching that the cause of suffering can actually be erased when we see our True nature. This teaching means that our happiness does not depend on manipulating the external world, it depends on seeing ourselves clearly, as we really are. It's a method for purifying the mind of the mental factors that cause suffering.