Aubree Saia

Aubree Saia, 500 E-RYT, is a gifted healer, teacher, and transformational guide. She offers her guidance from a deep well of authentic experience in the yogic healing arts and beyond. She began her practice more than 20 years ago, and has been sharing her love of yoga with others for the past 15 years. She has been blessed to assist with her inspiring teachers Shiva Rea, Dr. Judith Kravitz, and has spent many moments studying in the presence of numerous master teachers. Aubree is a certified Prana Vinyasa® Teacher/Trainer, Transformational Breath® Facilitator, Raw Food Nutrition Coach, AcroYoga® Teacher, Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator®, Thai Massage Practitioner, and the creative director of Jewel in the Lotus Yoga, LLC in Madison, WI. Aubree infuses her intuitive awareness, creative sequences, mantra, music, intention & ritual to create a sacred space for your self-exploration and inner healing journey.

Aubree Saia instructs the following:
  • This evolutionary style of yoga, inspired by Shiva Rea, is an energetic, creative, alchemical approach that changes with the seasons, honors the lunar cycles, your personal energetic needs in the moment and is deeply rooted in tradition.

    The practice moves through inspiring & fun omnidirectional sequences while practitioners explore various movement meditations, classical & innovative asanas, healing & cleansing breath techniques, bandhas, and kriyas,

    Students of all levels are empowered to experience PRANA - the universal source of breath, life-energy and conscious intelligence - as the navigating source of yoga practice and vital living. The wave sequencing philosophy behind this system of yoga serves this purpose when combined with a skillful, experienced teacher.

  • Transformational Breath Workshop
  • Interested in cultivating BETTER HEALTH? More ENERGY? More JOY and Zest for LIFE? This simple ancient practice is an extremely useful, effective and practical tool that supports daily living on all levels. If you can breathe, you can experience the hidden POWER that lives inside your BREATH. This technique opens the doorway to your own INNER INTELLIGENCE and ENHANCES every aspect of your being. If you would love to EMBRACE life more fully, have ABUNDANT energy, and RADIANT health.......Answer the inner call and join me! In this workshop YOU will experience a CONSCIOUS CONNECTED BREATH journey. LEARN how to circulate your LIFE FORCE in a incredibly potent way, AWAKEN your body, ACTIVATE your senses, RELEASE stress, REJUVENATE from the inside out and EMPOWER yourself to actively participate in your own healing process and create the life you want to LIVE. This journey invites you into a timeless space of deep listening, reflection and connection. A regular breath practice gifts you with more available energy, facilitates healing, ignites creativity and cultivates vibrant health.

    In this workshop you will:

    Be introduced to the power of the breath.

    Experience an introductory breath session.

    Learn how to correct restrictive breathing patterns.

    Learn techniques for increasing your energy level and sense of well-being.

    Gain tools to manage stress and actively participate in your own healing.

    Cost: $50 | Perennial Members Receive a 10 Percent Discount