Sophia Maria Janus

Sophie feels blessed to have found yoga so early in life as she has seen an outstanding transformation from a stressed, self-conscious, and grieving teenager into a light-hearted, open, and grounded human being through its endless benefits. As her dedicated mat practice turned into a longing for a deeper understanding of yoga, she sought out the teacher training program at The Studio in Madison, WI, and received her RYT200 in June 2017. She continues to be fascinated by our bodies’ abilities to move in such beautiful ways in coordination with breath while building inner strength. Sophie’s classes encourage students to tune in to their breath and creative movement through rhythmic flows while maintaining the intention to build physical, mental, and emotional strength from the inside out. Offerings are always invitations to play, laugh, and be mindful of self love.

Sophia Maria Janus instructs the following:
  • This style of yoga focuses primarily on the connective tissue and its unique role in the human body. Connective tissue pervades the entire human body from skin to the smallest cell. A series of deep, long held postures stimulates growth and function of the tissues leaving your body feeling refreshed and energized! The divine inner practice of Yin balances your energetic system, increases flexibility and provides time for deep contemplation and reflection.

    For students who are beginners thru advanced who want to attend to flexibility and mindful contemplation.

  • A class that incorporates creative vinyasa sequencing (breath-inspired movement), attention to alignment, breath awareness, meditation and chanting to build strength, increase flexibility, calm the mind and open the heart. 
    For students newer to yoga or who prefer a slower paced practice.

  • What is a Yoga Immersion at Perennial?
    It is a yoga class taught by a more experienced teacher and longer in length. These two features; experience and length, afford the opportunity to incorporate more aspects of the art and science of yoga into the class. It is not a class only for advanced students, although some experience and familiarity is best. It is for the student who wants to explore and be immersed in a fuller practice that includes: chanting, pranayama (breathwork), dharma talk (yoga philosophy), mudras (energetic hand seals) chanting (the yoga of sound) meditation and nidra (yoga of sleep). The teacher will instruct asana (postures) in a krama fashion. This means that more difficult postures will be broken down into progressive stages so you can practice and develop at your own pace.

    For students already practicing on a regular basis who wish to broaden their yoga.

  • Transition into your weekend with a 75-minute gentle flow class, complete with therapeutic grade essential oils and nurturing assists. Explore grounding, meditative and self-nurturing poses (and oils!) to restore and rebalance mind and body. Warm or cool lavender towels foster deep relaxation in savasana. 
    For students who have a beginning to regular practice