Tracy Henshue Traeder and Kathy Henshue

Tracy Henshue Traeder and Kathy Henshue instructs the following:
  • Intuitive Development
  • In this class, you will receive greater understanding of your intuitive heart connection and learn how to:

    • Tap into your intuition

    • Retrieve your own wisdom and bring out your authentic self

    • Heighten your awareness of energy and your senses

    • Raise your vibration to increase intuition

    • Identify synchronicities

    • Create a personal intuitive hit list

    • Identify your unique abilities or clairs

    • Develop daily habits for increasing your intuitive connection

    • Practice intuitive techniques and exercises

    • Trust your Divine intuition

    Coming together as a group of like-hearted individuals amplifies the intuitive heart connection for us all. We look forward to creating that space with you.

    Cost: $90 | Perennial Members Receive 10 Percent Off