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Savage Grace - Living Resiliently in the Dark Night of the Globe  
by Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker

Read at your own pace and then join others at Perennial for a 3-part conversation about the book and the thoughts, words and actions it has inspired in you. Lively and enlivening conversation is encouraged!Attend 1,2 or all 3 parts

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In the boldest and most daring book either author has ever written, Andrew Harvey and Carolyn Baker confront us with the life and death reality of the global crisis and the fact that four crucial strategies must be employed not only to survive the dark night, but to inhabit our bodies and our lives with passionate authenticity, honesty, vigilance, community, compassion, and service. These strategies are Reconnection, Resistance, Resilience, and Regeneration. Deep and unprecedented reconnection with self, others, and Earth must be our mission, regardless of the outcome. Distinguishing between “problems” which have solutions and “predicaments” which can only be responded to, Harvey and Baker articulate precisely how we have arrived at this unprecedented juncture and offer strategies of resistance against the fundamental enemies of humanity and the Earth. Such a response demands of us something far deeper than what conventional religions and visions of activism call for--nothing less than living and acting from the Sacred Self, both without illusion and totally committed to compassion and justice even, if necessary, in hopeless situations.

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Circle Of Sacred Activism
To be a Sacred Activist is to be and to continually work towards becoming a force of compassion in action. Sacred Activism at Perennial, which Perennial's founder Meg Sirchio Groves is mid-wifing, is destined to become part of the bedrock of our community.  Meg believes her soul's purpose in creating Perennial was to contribute to, in her own small but hopefully significant way, the birth of a new humanity that is ready and able to co-create with the Divine.  Sacred Activism at Perennial has been largely influenced by the lifelong and passionate work of Andrew Harvey.  In his words, “This great birth will have to come about as the result of a massive grassroots mobilization of the hearts and committed wills of millions of people.”  So let's get started because humanity is waiting. Our monthly Sacred Activism Circles bring together women and men who are ready to ignite and nurture their healing energy and transmit it out into the world in the form of loving thoughts, words and actions.  We meditate, share, set intention and deepen our commitment to being a sacred activist.

Cost : FREE  | There is no charge for Circle meetings. Instead you are encouraged to ACT by starting or joining a Grace Group when your Spirit moves you to do so. 

Grace Groups
"It is time to speak your truth, create your community, be good to each other, and do not look outside yourself for the leader" 
- message from the Hopi Elders


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