Meet our Studio Manager, Clare Bornemann 

Anna began a career as a high school English teacher in 2004 and loved the inspiration and challenges that job gave her every single day. Between reading essays, lecturing on mythology, and coaching swimming and track, her days were full. But then Anna became a mom and her days AND her heart were full, and naturally, everything changed.

Now, after four years of staying home to raise her two boys, she is beyond thrilled at the opportunity to be the studio manager at Perennial - Yoga, Meditation, Wisdom. That journey began in 2013 when she took her first yoga class (EVER!) at Perennial. After crying through savasana (not the last time that has happened), she knew this place and this practice would bring a balance to her life that she had been looking for. Perennial and its community-driven yoga offered just that. Anna became a dedicated practitioner, then a front desk employee, then an assistant-of-sorts to Meg, our owner, and finally, the studio manager.

In this role Anna is able to help students navigate their way from new students to members of our community, support the front desk staff, and keep things running smoothly in all three of our beautiful studios.
Anna is sure that Perennial has provided the sanity she needs for those moments when her dirt and sand encrusted boys proudly announce that pet worms now live in their dresser drawers.

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