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What Is Energy Medicine

Everything in the Universe, including thoughts, feelings, and all forms of matter, is comprised of energy. Quantum physics has shown that minuscule packets of energy exist in the space between atoms, sometimes taking shape as energy particles and sometimes as energy waves. This energy field is, in fact, continuous—connecting all forms of matter with no discernable boundaries at the quantum level. Since we’re made of atoms, we’re essentially made of energy. And since the energy that’s the essence of our essential makeup is the same energy that makes up everyone and everything else in the physical world as we know it, we’re all interconnected. We are, literally, all one.

What Is Energy?

In traditional Chinese medicine, energy is called qi. This ancient form of medicine is based on the belief that energy flows through the body in12 main channels, called meridians. When you’re healthy and balanced, your energy flows smoothly. But when you’re in a state of emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual imbalance, your energy flow is blocked and your health suffers.

Another concept of energy in the body originates from Hindu metaphysics and refers to energy centers along the spinal column as chakras. Blocked energy in the chakras can often lead to illness.

What Is The Medicine?

Perennial’s Energy Medicine Practitioners connect to the universal life force, the energy field that connects everything, as well as the energy, or qi, within your body. Their methods vary. Some are hands-on and some hands-off.  Their work isn’t associated with any particular belief system, religion or ideology, it is simply a form of healing that helps you tap into your deepest essence and spiritual calling.


Acupuncture & Cupping
Depending on your need, this session may include acupuncture, aromatherapy, acupressure, reflexology and guided meditation.  Cupping must be scheduled through Anne Adamentz or Anna Breen and is offered to existing clients only.
Initial 90 min session w/ Assessment: $158
1 hr session: $112
Cupping: $55

Acupuncture + Yoga Therapy
Receive nourishing treatment, and a plan to stay feeling free from pain. This is excellent for chronic conditions that need a practice outside of treatment. Includes a written or recorded plan, audio/video, as you like.
2 hr session: $215

Anne's approach is holistic, intuitive, wise and spot-on. Quick, painless and inspiring. Consider this an investment in the rest of this life. May include aromatherapy, yoga therapy, meditations and more.  Mentoring sessions with Anne happen via telephone.
1 hr Session: $112
3 Sessions: $299


The Inward Journey: Individual Healing Sessions
Looking to connect with the callings of your soul? The Inward Journey with Sean Ward is an opportunity for gathering insight, as well as a haven for release and healing. These sessions are comprised of one-on-one consult, breath work, meditation, and Reiki. Available only in a set of 3 individual sessions, this offering is meant to serve those who have identified a deep yearning from within and are committed to personal growth.
3 - 90 min sessions - $310

These individualized sessions are offered as a way to clear energetic blockages, heal emotional wounds, and pave the way for expanded consciousness.  Sessions are most often profoundly relaxing and many times a catalyst for personal insight.  
1 hr Session: $85


Myofascial Release
Myofascial Release is a gentle, yet very effective hands-on treatment that involves sustained pressures into the body's connective tissue or "fascia," promoting healthy mind-body awareness. MFR involves stretching or elongating the body's tissues, allowing for restrictions to open, eliminating pain, and restoring range of motion. Myofascial Release treats the whole person: structurally, intellectually, and emotionally.

FAQ: Clients typically wear shorts and a tank top or swim suit. Dry skin works best as MFR utilizes traction to reach in to the connective tissue that webs through the body.

60 min. session $85
75 min. session $100
90 min. session $115


General Essential Oil Consultation
Properly chosen essential oils will improve your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health while supporting you on your life path. By utilizing Meramour’s™ Body-Feedback assessments and muscle testing, Jamie will help you identify and use oils safely and effectively. This session includes experiencing the recommended oils and feeling the immediate shift in health and vitality. Jamie provides an understanding of your chosen oils and follow-up recommendations for self-care at home. 

Astrology Essential Oil Consultation
By choosing essential oils based on your astrology chart, you will come into alignment with your life path and find your way with grace and ease. Jamie will review your birth chart before your session and confirm the proper astrology blends using Meramour’s™ Body-Feedback testing.  By combining western astrology and essential oils, you can live a more radiant and wholehearted life. This session includes experiencing the recommended oils and feeling the immediate energetic shift that aligns you with your life path. Jamie provides an understanding of your chosen oils and follow-up recommendations for self-care at home.  Astrology Consults must be booked 5 days in advance. 
$55  |  40 minutes 
More Info About Essential Oil Consultations


Physical Therapy
Session may include various manual therapy techniques such as myofascial release, soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization/manipulation, neuromuscular retraining, pelvic floor treatments and trigger point release.

First session $140
Follow-up session $130


Intuitive Design
Think of our time together as design work and what we are designing is an internal and external world that harmonize with one another and tap into your greatest potential to live with more vitality and alignment.  My work is to hold space for you so you can cultivate the energy and wisdom of your own intuition. With intuition as your guide we'll get busy designing space(s) in your home or business, as well as routines/rituals in your daily life, that maximize your life force.  I can’t wait to laugh and cry and celebrate our way into the insights that live in your third eye. I know firsthand that life is so much better from this perspective! 
Email for rates & more Info

60 min. session $85
75 min. session $100
90 min. session $115


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