Perennial is embarking on an expansion of our wonderful studio. In just a few months, this will culminate in a spectacular sanctuary beyond your imagination. We are so looking forward to sharing this space with everyone and continuing to grow our strong and vibrant community. We'd like to thank our members as they travel this road with us and continue to build their practice, even through a little construction quirkiness.

If you have any questions, concerns, ideas or thoughts, please email Perennial Founder Meg Sirchio

Surya Cafe is being built

Surya means Sun in Sanskrit and in Yoga the sun is considered to be the center and Source of all things. The other elements - earth, water, fire and air originate from the sun. The cafe and kitchen will be located in the center of our new space and provide food grown by the sun's life-giving and transforming power. Think menus named: Sunrise and Sunset.

Monthly update
 | FEB 8 2017

PHASE 2 has begun!

The end of January brought the beginning of Phase 2. This will bring about the creation of our new entrance and reception area, Surya Cafe and kitchen, our third studio space named Water which is also the Wisdom room, and a redo of our largest studio, Reach Up, which will be renamed Earth after it undergoes it's transformation. When completed our footprint will be over 7,000 square feet of thoughtfully considered space, space for you to immerse yourself in beauty, peace, nature and community. We are infusing the new Perennial with the work of artists and crafters who are local and global resulting in a worldly and elemental ambience created through our color, texture and decor choices. The intention is to transport you to a place that feels steeped in meaning and connects you with the elements from which everything is made - Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space.

Fun Facts About The New Perennial:

The 5 Elements will be the names of the 3 Studios and 2 other spaces and they face their corresponding directions on the compass:

North - Earth Studio - our largest studio
South - Fire Studio - our second largest studio with radiant heat
West - Water Studio & Wisdom Room - our most intimate studio and meeting space for groups
East - Air - our meditation room and library
Up - Space - our healing space for body and energy work

Surya Cafe:

Surya is Sanskrit for Sun. Our Cafe will provide you with Sun-Sourced Vegetarian & Vegan Cuisine. It opens in March and will serve breakfast and lunch 7 days a week. Dinner service scheduled to begin in May. Learn more about the Cafe's hours and menu here:  SURYA CAFE

The cafe stage will host discussions with thought-leaders and change-makers and entertainers

Our cafe is open to the public - all are welcome

Wellness Services:

The creation of our wellness room - named "Space" was completed during Phase 1.

You can now book the following services:

Acupuncture, Cupping and more with Anne Adametz
Body Work with Debra Ackers
Reiki with Sean Ward
Coming Soon: Sound Healing with Lisa O'Connor and Physical Therapy with Stacy Wellington

Learn more here Wellness Services


Fire Studio is coming along

The gorgeous new view from Earth Studio (currently the Reach Up room

The future space for our library and meditation area

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