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Do you have a true love of yoga? Do you have an inner voice saying, “seek further?”  Then our Perennial WISDOM Yoga School awaits you! If you are ready to seed your growth with your own passion and commitment the seasoned teachers we’ve brought together are ready to meet you and take you the rest of the way. The journey we’ll take together asks you to be deeply dedicated to your Self, and to allow new insights to happen, so you emerge ready to live wholeheartedly and to love and serve others more fully.

Our program is a 200-hour Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Teacher Training program.  The format consists of a 4-day immersion and 9 weekends. 

Your teachers are: Meg  Sirchio Groves, Keith Borden, Sean Ward, Katie Hill, Jamie Healy, Carla Coleman, Scott Lamps and David Lincecum. One of your weekends also includes a workshop with a prominent visiting teacher.

<< Nov 22 2017 - Dec 20 2017 >>

Yoga School Information Session with Meg Sirchio Groves Sun, Dec 10, 2017 at 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm Learn More

We’d love to speak with you 1:1 about the program!

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"A powerful, incredible experience with two authentic life and my soul were forever changed...just do it!"  -Nancy N.

"Making the decision to participate in Perennial's Wisdom Teacher Training was by far the best thing I've done for myself in my entire life. I knew it was going to change me, I just didn't realize how much. The information provided was overwhelming at times, but I know I can go back to any aspect of the program and dig deeper as my practice continues to evolve and grow. I would highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to expand their boundaries and push themselves to be a better human being."   - Melanie T. 


"I was impressed with the holistic approach the Perennial WISDOM Teacher Training provided me. I learned so much more than I thought possible about the many facets of yoga. I felt like I was part of a very special family."   - Shannon C. 

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