Shift & Lift Arm Balance Workshop | with Amanda Boerboom & Sarah Peters

October 27 | 1:30 - 3:30PM


Do you find arm balances intimidating? Maybe feel they aren’t readily accessible to you? Perhaps you don’t think you have enough strength? Let’s work together to break through the barriers of these potential limiting beliefs. With a little curiosity, the right foundation, a few props and some practice, we will work together to explore arm balance and discover that it’s really nothing more than a shift and a lift in your perspective. Both physically and mentally. Use this as an opportunity to overcome fears, cultivate courage and empower yourself in your practice. Perhaps most importantly, have fun finding some balance with your feet off the ground.If you have a regular yoga practice and are interested in taking flight, then join Amanda Boerboom and Sarah Peters for this 2 hour workshop where we will play and build skills together to develop arm balance in your asana practice.



During our time together, we will start with warming the body and play with short creative flows to access physical and energetic alignment. We will then journey into exploring and breaking down several arm balances. To make the postures accessible and build confidence we will incorporate the use of props and offer modifications to work towards successfully executing the featured arm balances. With this new knowledge you will experience how liberating and empowering it can be to go beyond your regular practice and soar.



Cost: $35 | Perennial Members receive a 10 percent discount


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Intro to Arm Balance: Shift and Lift Workshop with Amanda Boerboom and Sarah Peters Sat, Oct 27, 2018 at 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm Learn More
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