Perennial is an energy-rich and serenity-filled yoga, meditation and Truth-seeking community. The breath inspired journey you’ll take here, from meditative to invigorating, will challenge and empower you, calm and connect you. The Wisdom you will gain here will lead you towards a connected and divinely-inspired life and set you on a path of living wholeheartedly. We can’t wait to welcome you into our heart-opening space where our inspirational teachers will greet you and guide you into ancient and modern practices that bring you back to the love that you are.

Love Endlessly,

Meg Sirchio 
Founder of Perennial Yoga and Meditation


Is the way we describe the yoga experienced at Perennial. It’s the courageous practice of leaning into the center of all of life’s joys and sorrows and continually making the decision to be the love we are. Some of us arrive onto our yoga mat and meditation cushion through the doorway of physical or emotional pain. Others may be seeking the joy and vibrancy that comes from greater clarity and purpose. Either way, our yoga, meditation and WISDOM practices offer the physical, emotional and spiritual nourishment we need to live wholeheartedly.

There are four main expressions of yoga that have been practiced for thousands of years – Bhakti, Jnana, Raja and Karma. Practicing these ancient forms of yoga brings reverence, reflection, renewal and relationships into our daily lives.  While there is no “wrong” time to practice any of these, the seasons and cycles of life naturally call these practices forth. Fall is a time of abundance, so expressing gratitude and REVERENCE for the Source of life will set the tone for our practice in September, October and November. As the earth quiets and slows down during December, January and February, we’ll turn our attention inward and to the practice of REFLECTION, which reconnects us to the wisdom which is already deep within. Our time of reflection gives way to awakening, when the sun begins to shine brighter and longer and there is a springing forth of life flowing in and around us during March, April and May. It’s a time of RENEWAL. Then, inspired and empowered by how magnificent and fortunate we are, we turn our attention outward during June, July and August. Through RELATIONSHIP, we give of our time, talents and service to others. Then we come full cycle, arriving again in September, when we return to the practice of reverence for the Source of it all.

Meg Sirchio
Founder of Perennial, Meg Sirchio

Our Commitment Statement:


  • Embrace Truth
  • Teach PEACE
  • Live Wholeheartedly
  • Love Endlessly


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