A sampling of the wonderful people that make up our dynamic and flourishing Perennial Community!


"I have only been to a couple small hot yoga studios prior to Perennial but still, I somehow just know this is one of the best studios around. The view is beautiful and the studio inside is nice, but it's more than that. They have a wide variety of classes at many times throughout the day and I enjoy the focus on meditation. Sean’s class is one of my favorites, but with all the great instructors I would be missing out if I didn't attend the others as well. It’s not the closest studio to where I live but I can’t really imagine going somewhere else.”
- Chase R. from Madison


"I've tried nearly every yoga studio in the Madison area (Bliss flow, Inner Fire, the Studio, Dragonfly) and although these are all top notch places they don't compare to Perennial. Perennial's studio is hands down the most beautiful studio in Madison. The back wall is a huge window that opens up into protected prairie lands that are beautiful anytime of the year. What I like most about perennial however is their focus on yoga philosophy and spirituality. I feel with a lot of the other yoga studios in Madison you get just Hatha Yoga (which you do get at Perennial too) but the classes don't go much deeper then that. Perennial has some very gifted instructors and they offers Bhakti, Ashtanga, Nidra, meditation and a plethora of different offerings for anyone looking to go deeper into their yoga practice. If you’re a beginner or advanced and haven’t taken a class here yet I would highly recommend it.”

- Jennah J. from Madison


"Perennial Yoga has been my studio for two years. The teachers are caring, inspiring and highly knowledgeable about both the physical and esthetic aspects of the practice of yoga. The space is beautiful, the setting is remarkable. Classes are numerous at all times of the day, every day. Want to sweat? Perennial has a class for that! Need a recharge or simply a time to renew yourself? You will find that in the Restorative, Yin, Meditation and Gentle classes. No experience? They'll teach you! The Perennial community of yogis is delightful. I have met the most wonderful, sincere, kind and accomplished people on the mat in this special place. Thank you Meg Sirchio for bringing Perennial to Fitchburg and Madison!”
- Susan L. from Madison


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