Namaste Yogi,

Do you have a true love of yoga? Do you have an inner voice saying, “seek further?”  Then our Perennial WISDOM Teacher Training program awaits you! If you are ready to seed your growth  with your own passion and commitment the seasoned teachers we’ve brought together are ready to meet you and take you the rest of the way. The journey we’ll take together asks you to be deeply dedicated to your Self, and to allow new insights to happen, so you emerge ready to live wholeheartedly and to love and serve others more fully. If serving others by becoming a yoga teacher is one of your aspirations our program will prepare you for this. Just know that embarking on this journey with us will forever change you.

 The formula is simple and time-tested! 
            Yoga  +  You  +  Teachers Dedicated To You  +  Practice  =  Lives Changed For The Better

Our program is a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training program.  The format consists of a 4-day immersion, 7 weekends and several Wednesday evening training sessions. Your teachers are: Meg Sirchio, Lynn Rosemann, Sean Ward, Keith Borden, Katie Hill, David Lincecum and all the other teachers at Perennial. One of your weekends also includes a workshop with a prominent visiting teacher.

You’ll Experience:

  • Teachers who are deeply committed to your growth. We are passionate about sharing what we know and want to help you grow your own practice so you become, first and foremost, a committed student of yoga and life, and then an inspiring teacher if that is the path you choose for yourself.

  • An authentic journey into the different and beautiful strands of yoga - Bhakti, Jnana, Raja and Karma. You’ll come to understand which one speaks to your heart and know what you want to share, heart to heart, with others.

  • An appreciation of the anatomy and physiology of the physical-body, an eye opening look at the energetics of the subtle-body and the opportunity to open wide the heart-center.

  • A deepening of your spiritual practice. You will be held within a supportive environment and guided through transformational methods of going deeper within yourself and connecting. As you do this you’ll experience how abundant life becomes.

  • The opportunity to gain command of the the yoga practices of asana, pranayama, meditation and chanting. You’ll learn and experience how they affect the physical body, the energetics of the subtle body and the emotional and spiritual health of a person.

  • The methodology for crafting and skillfully teaching a Vinyasa style yoga class that is fundamentally sound, creative and uniquely true to your expression of yoga.

  • Love-filled, heart-centered people who will support you in your growth. You will gain a tribe of people you can lean on when you need a nudge in the right direction. The connections you’ll create during this time will become very precious to you.

  • The nudge you might be needing to step into your power and to make a difference in people’s lives, beginning with your own.

Next Program Starts February 18th 2016
You SAVE $500 if you apply by January 18, 2016

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“The training I received thru Perennial Wisdom Teacher Training was wonderful – intense and well-rounded – more than I could hope for. Our teachers are knowledgeable and have a strong desire to see their students succeed at their goals.”

“As advertised on the Perennial Wisdom Teacher Training webpage, this experience has forever changed me personally and professionally. I enjoyed having the consistency of two lead teachers – Meg and Lynn. Both lead teachers get to know each teacher trainee individually and uniquely guide the teacher trainee to both personal and professional growth. I loved having the opportunity to learn from many other specialists leading to a well-rounded instructional program including all aspects of the yoga way of living. I appreciate that the program encourages personal growth and finding one’s own yoga voice. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with others in the years to come.”
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