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Rediscover your childlike spirit by allowing your Spirit to play and flow in your body. Let yourself lose track of being the dancer and become the dance itself. We’ll play music —classical, world, or contemporary and you simply allow your body to lead, following the invitation of the music. Let your mind take a back seat and tune in to the sensations of each part of your body. Feel your feet connect with the ground. Let limbs and joints turn and bend as they will. Swing and sway your head, shoulders, hips. Sink deep into your body, remembering what it is to be a human animal. You’ll dance until you are pleasantly tired and then gradually slow your movements, perhaps to a slower musical tempo, continuing to move in smaller, gentler ways. Then you’ll come to a seated position and rest in stillness.

<< Nov 22 2017 - May 09 2018 >>

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