What are Wisdom Retreats, Sacred Journeys and Spiritual Pilgrimages?

They are Perennial sponsored and endorsed experiences that will assist you on your path of living wholeheartedly and loving endlessly.  
All three are life-changing experiences that help you travel the distance between a closed and open heart and allow the beauty that is all around to reach in and affect you profoundly.

A Sacred Journey

A Sacred Journey is an adventure to a place in the world that connects you with humanity and the sacredness of life. It brings you heart to heart with new friends who are living in impoverished conditions. While you will offer hands-on service and be a compassionate presence in the midst of intense suffering, the deeper agenda of the journey is to have your own heart broken open and a new perspective gained.

A Sacred Journey of Mutual Exchange to Haiti

with Bryan Sirchio and Meg Sirchio in partnership with Haiti Allies

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A Wisdom Retreat
Costa Rica Retreat with Katie Hill and Sean Ward

Join Sean and Katie on a winter yoga and meditation retreat. This sacred time will be filled with yoga, rest and relaxation, deep meditation, self inquiry and lots of sun.

February 4-8, 2017
Pura Vida Resort and Spa, Costa Rica

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A Spiritual Pilgrimage

A Spiritual Pilgrimage takes you to a destination that holds unique spiritual significance so you can gain deeper insights into one of the world’s great Wisdom traditions. It can be a place where a great teacher was born, a miracle or mystery took place, or where the natural world holds sacred significance. On a Spiritual Pilgrimage you will visit new and old places in your heart, receive blessings along the way and experience healing take place.

Perennial Pilgrimage to India planned for 2018.
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