Finding Peace and Well-Being Through Your Practice

We invite you to take this journey we are all on around the sun in a way that brings greater peace, ease and vitality to your mind, body and spirit and in a way that honors the rhythms of nature and the many changes that come with the shifting seasons of the year.

As we cycle through the four seasons we move through periods of cold and heat, dark and light. We experience the rhythm of new beginnings in Spring, the Summertime peak of growth, the celebration of Fall and it’s abundance leading to the act of letting go and rest that is Winter. Keeping our own body, mind and heart in rhythm with the cycles that are happening around us requires listening to ourselves and responding with a practice and a lifestyle that restores harmony and balance.

At Perennial we have created yoga, meditation and other class offerings that embody the different elements of nature and the four seasons. This guide will help you take yourself to the kind of class you’re needing to restore and keep inner harmony.

Consider the nature of your body, mind, emotions and spirit before you head to class.

Ask yourself two questions to help Find YOUR Practice: 

1) What Season is it? 
2) How am I feeling? 

If you are feeling balanced and at ease...
Select classes that feel most enjoyable and rewarding to you - remembering that regularity and variety are hallmarks of a healthy practice schedule.

However, If you are feeling some sort of imbalance in your body, mind or spirit...
Identify the imbalance and head to a class offering that will provide the pacing, postures, breathwork and focus your system is needing to restore stability and ease.

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