Wholehearted Meditation Series


Wholehearted Meditation Series - Mindfulness with Jennifer Pulvermacher
APR 6 - APR 29   Thur. Nights 7:30 - 8:45 

Meditation is the practice of settling your body and your mind and connecting with a sacred space inside. From this space a spontaneous flow of insight can come forth to assist you in your creative and spiritual unfolding. In keeping with Perennial's seasons of Wholehearted Yoga we'll come together 4 times a year to explore different styles of meditation that compliment the place we are in the flow of life.

The Wholehearted Meditation Series
Winter - REBIRTH - Vipassana Meditation
Spring - RENEWAL - Mindfulness Meditation
Summer- RADIANCE - Loving Kindness Meditation
Fall - RETURN - Devotional Meditation

Each series is 4 weeks and 75 minutes in length. Join our dedicated teachers and other seekers for the ancient practice of meditation that can change the way you do your life in our modern world.

All Levels – Beginner to Seasoned Practitioner.

Fee: $60/Series   |   10% off to Perennial Members

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