Yoga Alchemy Weekend Immersion with Mark Haviland & Mark Morford


Saturday April 22nd & Sunday April 23rd  |  9:00am - 4:35pm

This is the kind of workshop that changes everything.

Join one of the Bay Area’s premier yoga instructors (and most celebrated writers), Mark Morford, and one of its most sought-after healers/bodyworkers, Mark Haviland, for a uniquely galvanizing, transformational workshop like no other. It’s where potent Vinyasa, lucid dharma and authentic physio-emotional healing intersect and dance and make you do weird things with your ego.

Included: Two fiery Vinyasa classes, compelling bodywork demos and hands-on techniques, real-world (anti-fluffy) yoga philosophy and functional ritual, ego-clearing writing exercises (taken from Mark M’s pioneering ‘Yoga for Writers’ workshop series), Chinese Five Element theory, mantras and meridians, deep tissue and light wordplay, sweat and breath, introspection and laughter. And more.

We call it ‘alchemy’ because you won’t leave in the same state you came in. It’s just that kind of weekend. We hope you can join us.

Cost: $200  |
Perennial members receive a 10% discount

About Mark Haviland

In 2003, Mark Haviland went through a near-death experience which hurtled him deep into his own soul, resulting in a long investigation of – and deep commitment to – the healing arts. He soon surrounded himself with numerous master teachers, most notably his mentor, Dr. Fred Mitouer.

Mark has since begun designing and leading his own workshops, traveling the world to share his healing work - including two trips to India, volunteering in the largest slum in Africa, working with Janet Stone in Bali, and in Mexico, Guatemala and Bali with Mark Morford. He also recently spearheaded the Soul Whisper Project, which includes a documentary film.

Through powerfully attuned touch, irreverent humor and ease-full presence, Mark shares a unique technology of freedom through his bodywork – evoking, activating and connecting individuals to their own souls and their true purpose.

About Mark Morford

One of the Bay Area's premier yoga instructors and most  provocative writers, Mark Morford has been leading fiery Vinyasa classes, trainings and retreats in SF and around the world since 1999. He’s also an author and an award-winning senior contributor to the San Francisco Chronicle and SFGate (since 1997). More recently, he created the ‘Yoga for Writers’ and ‘Everyday Sorcery for Urban Mystics’ programs for inspired yogis. He was raised by long-eyelashed callipygian wood nymphs and spoon fed dark chocolate, raw pomegranate seeds, Shaiva Tantra mantras and artisan bourbon until he could fly.

Mark’s yoga is both physically challenging and acutely reverential, a sinuous combination of the body’s most ecstatic cadences and Tantra’s most lucid metaphysics, all designed to tonify the body, guide the frenzied Self toward liberation and burn off toxic text messages and reckless illusions. Simple, really.

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