Lead Teachers:

I discovered yoga in 2004 and began a very regular, almost fanatical practice. It reshaped my body and eventually my entire life because it illuminated a worldview I already knew and understood at a deeper level. I started teaching yoga after just 4 years of practice and became the space holder of Perennial six months after that. I’m honored to extend the beauty and power of yoga to others, knowing firsthand how transformational and healing this practice is. I lead a flowing and reverential style of vinyasa yoga that is sprinkled with spiritual teachings. I believe anyone can practice in my class if they are willing to co-create their experience on their mat by listening to what their body, mind and heart is calling for and then answering that call. My hope is that you’ll leave my class grounded in your body, flowing to your natural rhythm, and inspired to live wholeheartedly. Along the way I promise you you'll find inspiration, Truth, possibility, some tears and a whole lot of laughter.
I was still an infant in my understanding of the deeper meaning of yoga when I began teaching but I wasn’t new to the art of teaching. I had taught Social Work at the university level for many years. So I brought the best version of my inspiration, skills and instruction that I could at the time, not realizing how far I had to go. Now, as a lead teacher of a teacher training program, I am often reminded of how far I’ve come and how far I still have to go. But that’s the beauty of Yoga - it’s a lifelong course on learning how to live life well. Fortunately I love learning, dancing and even wrestling with people, ideas, and experiences. It makes for the highest state of aliveness I know. I’m a more serious student of life and a more Light-hearted person because of yoga. I now find real life far more exciting then anything I could ever dream up or drama up.
Yoga is my truest companion and has made me a much better one. It is my lens that brings into focus what matters and has changed the way I see myself and others. My framework for my life and what I hope to invite others to is the “middle path.” A path I’ve jump on and off in almost equal parts. But because of greater discernment, which is one of yoga’s most important contributions to one’s life, I see it sooner, avoid taking a major detour, and jump back on with more grace, self-forgiveness and with the ability to laugh at myself. Living with yoga in my life means being surrounded by the most loving and kind-hearted people on the planet. I sleep, relate, create and eat better (she says while slurping on a hot fudge malt and onion rings).
I owe a great debt to the practice of yoga because it gave me the tools to comprehend and follow through with my Dharma (purpose), which is reflected in a large way in Perennial. Keeping my focus on my purpose is something I am unapologetic and unrelenting about because yoga has shown me that the world needs me to be the best version possible of mySelf. Perennial, and the practice path it lays out, is my offering to you so you don’t shy away from your dharma…..because the world needs you to live it! And when you do, you’ll live with more joy, love and peace in your heart!
I hope to see you at Perennial. You can also connect with me on my Wholehearted Yoga Facebook
Keith Borden is consistently turned on by the stillness within movement, the silence hidden in sound, and the esoteric in the everyday. I love to practice yoga, and sharing this practice that I love for the last decade has been a terrific gift. I'm very lucky. I have great teachers in my life – Jasmine Tarkeshi, Dana Flynn, David Robson, David Gellineau, Manorama, and Rabbi Joseph Gellberman – and being a student is one of the best parts of the yoga practice. The classes I offer are energetic and balanced, and are infused with playfulness and creativity. I strive to live, breathe, and offer the devotion-rich yoga that comes out of my daily home practice. I'm a singer, kirtan wallah, a bhakti yogi, and an interfaith minister. I always chant with my classes, and occasionally I play and sing during savasana. I love to experiment in my practice, and years of Muay Thai, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong have taught me that all movement is healing and complementary to my sadhana. My goal is to hold a space that fosters inner quiet, true strength, and a healthy, joyous spirit where students can re-unite with and REJOICE in their true Self.
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Other Contributing Teachers:

Katie Hill is a happy yoga teacher and life-long yoga and meditation student. Having been introduced to the practice at the ripe age of 13 as a way to cope with a rather fiery adolescence, Katie has been dedicated to yoga and meditation for 27 years. In 2006 she received her 200-hour teachers certificate from Living Yoga Program in Austin, TX. She has studied with many amazing master teachers, and blends the best of her favorite styles into a grounded slow flow practice that is calming and life-affirming. Katie believes that every person can do yoga and can benefit from the life-changing practice, regardless of the state of their physical body or their current beliefs about their abilities. Her style incorporates grace, humor, acceptance, and mindfulness. A writer, proud mom, health + life coach, and true Gemini, you can read more of Katie's work at Katie-hill.com
I found my way into yoga many years ago as a way to accentuate my meditation practice. As a result, I created greater strength and control in my body, more calm and clarity in my mind, and a stronger sense of connection spiritually. I am always excited by the possibility of helping someone else realize the many benefits of yoga and meditation that I have. Simply put, my offerings are geared towards a mindful, heart-centered practice that promotes presence and supports heightened self awareness.

Sean completed the 200 hour Yoga Teaching Certification at Inner Fire Yoga, Madison, WI in 2012. As a Reiki Master, Sean infuses powerful healing energy into every class, and seeks to create a space for a more meditative, spiritual practice. Check him out at Spiritwonk or Facebook
Bryan Sirchio considers himself to be the luckiest man on the planet to be the spouse of Perennial’s founder Meg Sirchio and he is delighted to be one of the teachers and key vision holders of Perennial’s unfolding. Bryan is passionate about spirituality in general and is an avid student of the Wisdom Tradition and the spiritual practices found at the core of all major religious visions. Bryan holds degrees from Duke University (A.B. in Religion with a concentrated study in Psychology) and Princeton Theological Seminary (Masters in Divinity). He is an ordained UCC minister and former pastor, a retreat leader, songwriter, author, recording studio owner, and his original music has been published widely throughout the U.S. and abroad. Bryan has also worked extensively with grassroots organizations among the poorest of the poor in Haiti since 1990, and he looks forward to sharing this magical country with Perennial members on upcoming Sacred Journeys to Haiti. Bryan loves taking yoga classes at Perennial and when he is not in Madison he is often on the road offering concerts, keynote addresses at conferences, and leading retreats.
For over 15 years my wife suggested that I try yoga to reduce high stress and chronic lower back pain. I would never agree, finding my own coping methods – but after one “accidental” class, I was hooked. Yoga was continuously calling me after I took that first class. I answered the call, eventually committing to study vinyasa yoga under Rolf Gates, who awarded me a 200-hour teaching credential. I have continued my studies in classical yoga and the yogic medical system of ayurveda, becoming certified as an ayurvedic educator and yoga therapist. My teaching approach emphasizes breath, alignment principles, and the journey inward. I see yoga primarily as a mental therapy, with exceptional physical side effects. My classes encourage students to allow the creative expression of yoga asana to bridge a path toward deeper studies of this amazing lifestyle. I also offer ayurvedic health, lifestyle and yoga coaching as well as private restorative yoga. Along the journey my back pain has completely disappeared and stress is at an all-time low. Let me inspire you to experience the same changes in your own life. Namaste.
I have yet to find the limits of yoga practice. Many years ago, I was a soccer player who began yoga in order to keep my body healthy and strong while avoiding the injuries that come with competitive sports. Along with a healthy body came mental control, determination and patience. I love yoga for its athleticism – I participate in the USA Yoga Asana Competitions. I also love it for its physical therapy – Ghosh yoga is founded on the principle of creating health in the body, both inside and out. I also love it for its serenity, spirituality and stillness of mind – breath control and meditation are growing parts of my personal practice. I studied with Tony Sanchez, a yogi who has been practicing for 40 years without injury, focusing on sustainability, spinal health and individual modification. My teaching is always focused on using proper body mechanics combined with mental control and stillness. I strive to balance each class with strength, determination, relaxation and stress relief.
Jamie took her first yoga class in Seattle in 2002 and has been practicing ever since. She has a deep respect for the ability of the human body to heal itself and has seen firsthand what a consistent yoga practice can do to calm the mind and deepen the connection to self and others. Jamie is a lover of all things natural. Often described as “organic,” she creates natural skin care products using essential oils. In 2014 Jamie received her 200 hour RYT certification after completing the Perennial Wisdom Yoga Teacher Training at Perennial Yoga & Meditation. Jamie’s classes will encourage you to trust your inner teacher and connect to your truest nature. Jamie is honored to witness the transformative power of yoga in her students and feels blessed to be a part of the Perennial community.
It has been said that we may have been sent to yoga by challenges and obstacles in life, and that yoga is about moving toward the light. Carla's own transformational journey began at Perennial Yoga and Meditation in January 2012 and she received her RYT 200 through Perennial Wisdom Teacher Training two years later. Like an archeological dig, her yoga practice has helped her to peel away the layers that had dusted over the authentic self. Her wish is to share this amazing, heartfelt practice with others through vinyasa flow classes that create a moving meditation, a space for your inner wisdom to percolate to the surface, a place to find the stillness inside, and an opportunity to access the spiritual through the physical. Movement, music, meditation, breath work and joy are the foundations of her classes. You bring yourself, your life, your truth. Her hope is for you to unearth your own gifts and grace on your mat, take those treasures into your life, and to live from that center. In addition to taking and teaching yoga classes, Carla is passionate about the dogs in her life; her own four Zen masters, the shelter dogs she works with, and the dogs in her training classes. Hiking the woods and fields with her canine companions, dabbling in interior and landscape design, being a part of the Perennial Yoga community, and sharing life with friends and family members from age 91 to 1 year, keep her grounded, uplifted, and full of gratitude for each day.
Sean Johnson is our visiting teacher for our Fall 2016 Yoga School. He is passionate about helping yoga teachers bring more bhakti, depth, and imagination to their teaching, integrating bhakti and asana. This workshop will help you connect to the depth and authenticity of your own voice and soul through teaching asana, chanting, harmonium, rhythm, storytelling, poetry, mythology, ritual, metaphor, and more.
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