Our Promises


We all need a sanctuary and a community to support us so Spirit can express itself through us


Your Sanctuary

We've intentionally designed our space, and everything that happens here, to be your sanctuary. If you want to live wholeheartedly, walk gently, and love endlessly, then keep practicing here. Here you'll learn non-dual spirituality and its perennial wisdom.  As you embark on the ancient practices we’ve brought into modern expression here you’ll experience shifts towards healing and beauty. You'll learn how to consciously connect with yourSelf and you'll intuitively know the "right" thing to do.  As this happens more and more you'll begin to co-create with the world around you in ways that foster connection and Wholeness everywhere.  These are big promises we're making to you.


Your Community

If you are seeking community with a desire to find others like you who intend to change the world for the better, then you will find them at Perennial, we promise! Starting and staying on this path of allowing Spirit to express itself through us isn’t easy, but it’s made easier by being together in sacred space with other humans who are also dedicated to connecting with their luminous Self.  And as each of us does the work of clearing our energy we are simultaneously sending a powerful ripple of movement, towards Light, out into the world.


We know we're making big promises. They'll come true if you show up and do the work.  

 Then the YOU and the WORLD that's been aching to express itself really will show up. 



left to right

Lauren Montelbano,  Surya Cafe Head Chef 

Megan Grace, Perennial & Surya Cafe Creator

Clare Bornemann, Perennial General Manager


Dear Beloved,

       On behalf of all who provide an offering here I wish to make these promises to you. 

Love Endlessly,

Megan Grace


Megan Grace; Founder of Perennial - Yoga, Wisdom, Community in Fitchburg, WI

Perennial & Surya Cafe Creator



Join Us

Whether you live or work close by, or you make it part of your practice to make the pilgrimage here, once you arrive you'll find what you've been looking for - A sanctuary, a community, and a movement.




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