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A Sanctuary and a Movement



Perennial is an energy-rich and serenity-filled yoga, meditation and Truth-seeking community. The practices you’ll find here will heal you and help you grow towards a connected and divinely-inspired life.


Whether you live or work close by, or need to make the short journey here part of your practice, once you arrive you'll find what you've been looking for - YOURSELF.


We can’t wait to welcome you into our heart-opening space and to introduce you to ancient and modern practices that bring you back to the love that you are so you can put that love into action.


Your Perennial Teachers desire to guide you deeper into a lifestyle that will set you on a path of living wholeheartedly. Our students tell us they receive so much more than what they thought they came for. 


Perennial's Yoga and Meditation classes span the spectrum from meditative to invigorating. With some dance and celebration mixed in!


Our plant-to-plate cafe, Surya Cafe, is medicine for your body, mind and spirit.


Our workshops and events are here to deepen your practice and extend your connection to others.



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