pRETREAT | Forming Intention and Practicing Integration

This class is taught by:

Sean Ward

I found my way into yoga many years ago as a way to accentuate my meditation practice. As a result, I created greater strength and control in my body, more calm and clarity in my mind, and a stronger sense of connection spiritually. I am always excited by the possibility of helping someone else realize the many benefits of yoga and meditation that I have. Simply put, my offerings are geared towards a mindful, heart-centered practice that promotes presence and supports heightened self awareness. Sean completed the 200 hour Yoga Teaching Certification at Inner Fire Yoga, Madison, WI in 2012. As a Reiki Master, Sean infuses powerful healing energy into every class, and seeks to create a space for a more meditative, spiritual practice. 
This workshop is for those considering coming on retreat with Sean in 2019, as well as for those who cannot come, but crave an experience of the same focus.

During this workshop Sean will facilitate a process of:

  • identifying aspects of our being that are out of personal alignment;
  • forming intentions for how we want to be
  • practicing integration of intention.

Discussion, yoga and the Inward Journey will be tools for self-study and work as a backdrop for the practice of identifying and existing in right alignment, as defined by you for yourself. When you successfully build and adhere to your process it leads to a greater sense of peace and contentment within the everyday flow of your life.

Saturday, December 1 | 11AM-2PM

Cost: $45 | Perennial members receive 10% discount