This class is taught by:

Sarah Sadie

Sarah Sadie is a certified Qoya teacher, creative writer, and founder/owner of Odonata Creative. A published and award-winning poet, she was Poet Laureate of Madison from 2012-2015. Through workshops, classes, retreats, and 1:1 sessions, she now works with women and men at the intersections of creativity and embodiment, helping people recover their magic and remember their joy. Sarah is one of the first Qoya teachers in the region. She teaches at Dance Life regularly and incorporates Qoya into her workshops and 1:1 work when clients are interested.
Qoya is a movement practice designed to help women remember that our essence is Wise, Wild and Free. Drawing on yoga, belly dance, and our own embodied movement, Qoya allows us to "come as we are, and leave as more of who we are." Focused on how it feels rather than how it looks, Qoya helps us remember more of ourselves. Qoya also helps us remember those things that can never be put into words. Like seeing a sunset and feeling your whole body exhale. Or taking off on a road trip and living the adventure. Getting caught up in the laughter of a child, or lingering next to your lover in bed, listening to rain on the roof. The feeling of a good job well done, or the stretch of a morning spent catching up with an old friend. Dancing Qoya, we know the body, and the body's movement, are a portal to remembering. As we dance, we feel our perspective shift, from going through the motions, to savoring life as sacred.
Cost: $13/class or $45/4 class pass
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