Marta Behrens

Marta’s love for yoga started to take root when she felt something gently “tugging” at her heart and mind following her very first class and continues to unfold years later. “it felt like a seed had planted that would grow into something profoundly life changing”… “I continue to be amazed by the power of yoga to keep me grounded, resilient and happy”. "My intention is to hold space that feels safe and accepting so that healing can happen when and where it is needed" Her instruction emphasizes sound alignment, body awareness, mindful breathing, and self-acceptance. She teaches from a profound sense of service to help her students realize the transformative powers of yoga that helped change her life. Marta has been teaching since 2006 and holds a 260 hour teaching certification from Pure Yoga, Hong Kong.

Marta Behrens instructs the following:
  • Practiced in the Vinyasa style of yoga, this 75-minute class takes on the teacher's expression of the practice. Breath-centered warm-ups, organic unfolding, sun-salutations, standing poses, heart-opening backbends, cleansing twists, forward folds, hip openers and inversions are sequenced and flowing in a mindful fashion. The longer practice allows for a period of meditation.
    For students new to yoga, returning after a break or preferring a slower, gentler and more meditative approach

  • A class that incorporates creative, slow-flowing vinyasa sequencing (breath-inspired movement) with a relaxed approach to alignment and beautiful attention to breath awareness followed by a restorative Yoga Nidra meditation. 

    For students newer to yoga or who prefer a slower paced practice.

  • This style of yoga focuses primarily on the connective tissue and its unique role in the human body. Connective tissue pervades the entire human body from skin to the smallest cell. A series of deep, long held postures stimulates growth and function of the tissues leaving your body feeling refreshed and energized! The divine inner practice of Yin balances your energetic system, increases flexibility and provides time for deep contemplation and reflection.

    For students who are beginners thru advanced who want to attend to flexibility and mindful contemplation.