Souvik Dutta

Souvik Dutta was born in Kolkata (aka Calcutta) in Bengal, India. Souvik was introduced to Yoga at the age 4 at Yogananda’s college of Yoga as a means to control his acute asthma and this practice gave him new life. His earliest learnings of philosophy were from the monks of Ramakrishna mission and Tagore’s influence shaped Souvik’s cultural growth. At the age of eight, Souvik was officially initiated into spiritual life by his Kula Guru (family priest). He began his journey into jyotish, tantra, spirituality and dharma then which ended up being a life time of learning. He met his second Guru during his engineering days in the western part of India, near Pune. He was initiated into Naadi jyotish by his second Guru. Souvik met his third Guru during his first job who initiated him into the Arsha School of jyotish. Souvik was fortunate to have had training in three lineages or paramparas of jyotish.

Souvik established his jyotish school, AIAC, in 2009. Since then he has lectured at numerous places in the US. He also holds numerous lectures in Chicago and its suburbs on Hindu philosophy, Mantra Shastra, Jyotish and Hindu mythology. Souvik also does private client consultations. Souvik has more than 100 articles published online and in various astrology magazines.Souvik lives in Aurora, IL with his wife Amrita and son Hridaan.

Souvik Dutta is currently not instructing any classes.