Maria Novak

As a little girl, I gained a strong reverence for yoga, practicing/playing on the floor with my mom, watching “Lilias, Yoga & You” on PBS in the early 1970’s. Later, as a lifelong headache sufferer and intense over-achiever stuck in an unsatisfying corporate career, I reached a crisis point at 30: I was out of touch with my body, my soul…my entire being. With help, I propelled myself out of the IT field to become a massage therapist; I discovered the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program, where I learned meditation and simple yoga moves that put my out-of-control emotions back into my own hands; and I randomly found bhakti music and began singing and chanting mantras. Stress-free moments became attainable on a daily basis – a miracle! Finally, in my 40’s, my search for tolerable exercise brought me to Bikram Yoga, Yin Yoga, and eventually Vinyasa (flow) Yoga. My amazing discovery was this: not only was yoga practice helping my body, but I could almost completely let go of my over-active mind while I was on the mat. In 2016, I completed my RYT-200 training at Perennial Yoga & Meditation. The classes I love to share are on the gentle side, appropriate for beginners and intermediate yogis, and full of grounding and nurturing. I have a deliberate and intentional teaching style, but still maintain plenty of fun-loving, grateful, musical, compassionate, not-too-serious attitude in my classes.

Maria Novak instructs the following:
  • A class that incorporates creative vinyasa sequencing (breath-inspired movement), attention to alignment, breath awareness, meditation and chanting to build strength, increase flexibility, calm the mind and open the heart. 
    For students newer to yoga or who prefer a slower paced practice.

  • This DONATION-ONLY class has become a tradition at Perennial. Show up with your heart wide open, ready to give and receive love from everyone else in our heart-centered community. Our morning yoga and meditation practice will ground us in a few moments of peace and quiet and beautiful connection to one another.

    All cash donations will go to The Road Home

  • The class is an invitation to explore the subtle body and the energy currents within. The class weaves together the practice of asana (postures), bandha (energy locks), and pranayama (breathing techniques).
    We will start with the sequence of asanas, moving slowly with the breath to open the chest, the shoulders and the hips. The asana practice will prepare the body and the mind for pranayama and the practice of bandhas. The rest of the class will be dedicated to meditation and longer savasana.
    You will learn how these powerful practices can change your energy level, calm your mind, allow you to gain more mental focus and clarity and to balance your emotions.