Shari Henning

Meditation has always helped me keep my life in perspective. My practice continually reinforces my belief that all living beings are connected, and the importance of respecting and appreciating this connection. For as long as I can remember, I have been encouraged to be curious about what existed beyond our perceived reality. When I was a child, my parents regularly practiced Transcendental Meditation (TM), and shared with me the principals behind the practice. When I was older I experimented with other methodologies of meditation and mindfulness and have been practicing regularly since 2001. One methodology, which I continue using today, is floating in an isolation tank and meditating. I noticed how quickly I was able to enter the void, that wonderful place of ultimate stillness, when I included meditative music during my floats. The vibration and sound from the music took my practice to the next level effortlessly. And so began my love of including sound with my meditation practice. I have always been drawn to the idea of teaching others about meditation and its benefits, and eventually this idea became a calling. I became certified in vibrational sound therapy and use Himalayan Singing Bowls to facilitate the joy of meditation.

Shari Henning instructs the following:
  • As humans, we all have a vibrational frequency. This vibrational frequency can be tuned with sound. When the body falls out of tune, feelings of unhappiness, impatience, and frustration often appear. Vibrational sound baths give the body a frequency tune-up, bringing energy back in alignment with feelings of peace and happiness. In addition, the sounds produced during vibrational sound baths provide the mind with a point of focus. Racing thoughts are quieted as the mind attempts to recognize patterns within the sounds being played. Eventually, the mind lets go and a deep meditative state follows. This is a great end-of-day class that can help increase creativity & connection and decrease stress & anxiety.