John Gefke

At the present, I am exploring Yoga as both a student and teacher. I bring a curiosity to my own practice which allows me to strengthen my own surrender to my Divine connection...and it is through this connection that I have found my True serenity in life. Through the years, I have had a long history with alcohol addiction and I have been living in recovery for over six years. I have also battled nicotine, drug use, negative thoughts, and I am currently working on my relationship with sugar. I am familiar with most of the common recovery programs, and I attempt to integrate these programs with Yoga to take a holistic approach to help people transform their lives from living mired in addiction to living in a beautiful life of recovery. It is a lifestyle change where addiction simply no longer has a place to live!

John Gefke instructs the following:
  • This is an all-levels meditation class focused on addiction and recovery. Our goal will be to use meditation as a way to explore and understand the root nature of any addiction and to then use this as a way to truly transform recovery into a beautiful lifestyle. Each class will include a brief teaching (dharma), seated meditation, and open sharing/discussion. In this class you will first learn how to relax the mind, body and spirit through the inhale and exhale of one single breath. No more, no less. Similar to the time-tested “One day at a time”, we should view all meditation as “one breath at a time”. That is all it takes! As we slowly build our ability to quietly sit, our stillness of mind allows us to remember who we truly are...a person who can live in a world where we simply no longer need our addictions.

    Cost: No Charge | An Initiative of Sacred Activism