Tracy Henshue Traeder and Kathy Henshue

Tracy Henshue Traeder and Kathy Henshue instructs the following:
  • Grow Your Connection.....
    In this workshop participants will:
    • Obtain an understanding of the difference between psychic, medium, empath and other intuitive skills.
    • Learn about the clair senses and begin to determine your unique strengths.
    • Discover how to use your dreams for intuitive wisdom.
    • Increase your awareness of your Spirit team and meet one of your guides.
    • Practice using exercises and techniques to identify and grow your abilities.

    Come join us and enhance your connection to Source through intuitive living. We look forward to creating this space with you. 

    $75 | Perennial members receive 10% discount

  • Understanding the Heart Connection.....
    In this class, you will:
    • Develop an understanding of the science behind the powerful energy and insights available from our heart center.
    • Tap into your internal guidance system and find impactful nuggets from your own life experiences.
    • Learn how to build an intuitive bridge between you and another person to attain heart wisdom about life’s questions and challenges.
    • Heighten your awareness of energy and your senses and learn how to raise your vibration to increase intuition.
    • Practice intuitive techniques and exercises and become confident in trusting your Divine intuition.
    • Enhance both personal and professional relationships.

    Coming together as a group of like-hearted individuals amplifies the intuitive heart connection for us all. We look forward to creating that space with you.

    This is a 5 week class series. It is requested that participants commit to attending all 5 weeks.

    $90 | Perennial members receive 10% discount

    For those who have attended a previous session of Intuitive Development at Perennial, bring a friend to this session and you can attend free of charge. During check out use promo code: INTUITION