Beginner's Watercolor Class | Learn Another Way To Go With The Flow

August 30 - October 4  |  1:00-2:30 PM  |  With Mary Somers


Using a wet on wet approach we’ll learn to “let it flow” more as we begin to paint simpler designs such as trees, people and animals. This 6-week class is for people who have never painted and painters who need to loosen up their painting and learn to let go and let flow.Mary Somers is a member of The Madison Art Guild and Wisconsin Regional Art Association. She has won several awards and recently joined 14 or so artists where she displayed in the Stoughton Art Walk. She has shown her work at The Agora Art Fair and the Art Fair on the Square.

Time: 1:00 - 2:30 pm - students who need more time are welcome to stay until 3:00pm


Cost: $100 plus supplies
Limit: 16 students

Mary's work is currently on display in our Cafe. LEARN MORE



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Bring the following supplies to the first class:

  • Board or plastic to paint on
  • Watercolor paint: aquamarine blue, and cadium red light
  • One medium size brush, round or flat
  • 140 lb watercolor paper(may purchase in class)
  • Pencil and eraser

Future classes will need yellow paint: New Gamboge and Naples yellow. We will discuss a large group purchase in first class to save money on shipping.


A great place to buy supplies is Cheap Joe’s If you already have supplies, please bring any colors and brushes you own.



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