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Ayurveda, the sister medicine of Yoga, uses food as medicine, lifestyle routines, herbs, 5 sense therapies, bodywork treatments, and gentle cleansing to nourish the tissues, remove fatigue, and increase health and vitality.


Sarah provides Ayurvedic wellness plans and bodywork treatments as a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and a PanchaKarma Technician (Ayurvedic Bodyworker). 



Body Therapies & Consultations


15 minute free phone consultation - free

This is a first step if you are interested in an Ayurvedic analysis, health consultation package, simply have questions, or are not sure which body therapy to try first.

Body Therapies

Ahyanga lymphatic oil massage - 60 minutes - $90  
A gentle, loving massage where your body is coated in a sumptuous layer of Ayurvedic herbalized oil. Nourishing to the adrenals and deeply relaxing, this treatment improves sleep quality and boosts the immune system.

Abhyanga/Shirodhara combo treatment- 90 minutes - $170 
The classic Abhyanga massage followed by the quintessential warm oil stream on the forehead Marma points. Excellent for nervous system disorders, anxiety and Vata conditions.

Compassionate Heart treatment - 90 minutes - $150 
A perfect summer treat. Calming irritated/ hot emotions as well as disappointment in the emotional heart. A full Abhyanga massage followed by a special warm oil treatment and energy work for the heart chakra areas.

Marma Therapy (Ayurvedic Energy Work) - 60 minutes - $90 
A combo of Marma massage, herbal creams, essential oils, Reiki and other energy work.

Deluxe Ayurvedic Treatment for Beauty - 90 minutes - $130 
Luxurious treatment with cleansing facial masks, moisturizers and facial oils made from local and organic skin care products. A facial Marma massage and hand/foot massage included.


Initial Consult 2 hours - $190

Ayurvedic consultation Follow Up Visit - 60 minutes - $90


Ayurvedic home cleanse - Level 1 - 90 minute meeting - (7 day cleanse) - $165 

(does not include cost of herbs, supplies, optional treatments)

This 7 day cleanse with recipes, shopping list, daily emails, and a color booklet includes a full immersion into Ayurvedic cooking and daily lifestyle. Do this if you are looking to improve skin health, digestion, or a yoga person looking to dive into Ayurveda. Fun to do with a group of friends.

Panchakarma Consultation - home cleanse Level 2 - 90 minute meeting - $180 
(does not include cost of herbs, supplies, and 4-7 days of required body therapy treatments) 

After completing the Level 1 cleanse or the equivalent, this cleanse is done a few months later, and goes much deeper into the tissues and imbalances. Herbalized bitter ghee, a castor oil purge and self-administered enemas. Several days of two hour body therapy treatments enhance this cleanse immensely, and cost additional. The 90 minute meeting makes you fully comfortable with all that will be required. Best to allow 3-5 days off work for optimum benefits.



We have more one-on-one health and healing services on our 1:1 Wellness page 


About Sarah Barasch


Sarah completed two years of Ayurvedic studies at the Kanyakumari Ayurveda and Yoga Wellness Center in Milwaukee. Sarah holds a membership with the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA), and has taught a full time Ayurveda Health Counselor program. 


Sarah gently keeps herself and her clients on the path of self-care and vibrant health. She is a Reiki Master and has studied: Neurovascular Therapy, GeoTran, EFT, Holographic Tools, Marma training, Medicinal Aromatherapy, and flower essences. Bonus secrets: she's fluent in Mandarin and crazy for British period dramas.



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Thursdays: 12:30PM-6PM
Fridays: 10AM-5PM
Sundays: 10AM-5PM 


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