I AM PEACE, A 10-Day Peace Practice  | December 15-24

An initiative of Perennial's Sacred Activism


10-DAY PEACE VOWS  |  Peace Within, Peace Without, Peace Beyond


We've created a beautiful way for you to practice peace during this Winter Solstice season. As the light is waning to the point of greatest darkness, we have the opportunity to cleanse our heart and to bring an intentional, peaceful rhythm to our life.


Peace Within  |  I vow to honor PEACE within me by practicing the Peace Flow

Everyday, for 10 days, preferably in the morning, take 3 minutes to settle into the peace that is within you.  Use the Peace Flow video to guide you through a peaceful, inspiring, moving meditation.

Peace Without  |  I vow to offer an expression of PEACE to another - through intention/prayer, word, or action

Everyday, for 10 days, go out of your way and get outside of yourself. Find a way to be in service to another or to offer an expression of peace. Choose a family member, friend, or stranger, and do or say something to offer them comfort, hope, support, strength or encouragement. 


Peace Beyond  |  I vow to connect with a PEACE that surpasses my understanding and let it be my guide.

Everyday, for 10 days, devote some time to connect to the Divine.  Go out in Nature, be in community, pray, sing/chant, or find a spiritual practice that nudges you into a freer realm of existence. 






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December 24 | Peace, Peace, Peace Classes:

These classes are a tradition at Perennial and fill early so sign up soon. It will be a wonderful crescendo to your 10-Days of Peace. 

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If you want to nurture peace in yourself, the world and through your connection to the beyond all year round join us at our monthly Circle Of Sacred Activism

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