Winter Solstice 108 Class | Keith Borden

December 16  |  3:30 - 5:15PM



Join us for a blissful moving mediation to honor the Winter Solstice. Moving through 108 Sun Salutations is a yoga tradition of intention and purification. This flowing practice will re-set your energies for the approach of the changing season and the Winter Solstice. It will be led by Keith Borden who will offer guidance and chanting to accompany your movement.  Come with the intention to open up, move around and be present, without placing the expectation on yourself to do all 108. DONATION ONLY - all donations will benefit a wonderful organization, The Road Home. Let's work together to end homelessness in Dane County.




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Winter Solstice Class & Workshop

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Winter Solstice 108 Class with Keith Borden Sun, Dec 16, 2018 at 3:30 pm - 5:15 pm Learn More


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