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Ganesh Groups

When one person hears an inner voice calling and compelling them to create positive change, Sacred Activism at Perennial gives them the opportunity to create a Ganesh Group and gather together other like-minded and open-hearted individuals who's Spirit is hearing that same call to act! Below is a list of the Ganesh Groups that are running now. 


Want To Form A Ganesh Group?

What is breaking or weighing heavy on your heart?   Perennial will support you by providing meeting space, assistance in finding more members, promotion of your cause and support for your events/efforts.

Contact Tracy Traeder for next steps.



Ganesh Groups; A Sacred Activism Initiative at Perennial in Fitchburg, WI


Why The Name Ganesh Groups?


Lord Ganesh is depicted with an elephant's head on a human body and to Yogis symbolizes the remover of obstacles.






Group Leader: John Gefke


This is an all-levels meditation class focused on addiction and recovery. Our goal will be to use meditation as a way to explore and understand the root nature of any addiction and to then use this as a way to truly transform recovery into a beautiful lifestyle. Each class will include a brief teaching (dharma), seated meditation, and open sharing/discussion. In this class you will first learn how to relax the mind, body and spirit through the inhale and exhale of one single breath. No more, no less. Similar to the time-tested “One day at a time”, we should view all meditation as “one breath at a time”. That is all it takes! As we slowly build our ability to quietly sit, our stillness of mind allows us to remember who we truly are...a person who can live in a world where we simply no longer need our addictions.



Group Leader Crystal Hansen


Humanity has endured cycles of prosperity and impoverishment, peace and darkness, ingenuity and stagnation, spirituality and science, for centuries. Where we are today in this process of growth and decline may be seen as we observe—both externally and internally—the qualities of fear, anger, sorrow, and greed, and their proportionate interplay with those of love, compassion, and joy. Now is the perfect time for aspiring souls who believe in the power of collective consciousness—one that is positive, vibrant, and focused, and fills our consciousness with inner abundance and fulfillment—to take personal yoga practice to the next level. Every Wednesday evening from 6-6:30pm there will be a Ganesh Group session open for EVERYONE to come and chant the Sri Sukta. No need to have it memorized, there will handouts and an experienced leader or a recording. People from all over the globe are reciting the Sri Sukta daily to encourage positive change within each individual and in our world. This practice will culminate in a final Rudra Yaga practice and ceremony in India February1-15, 2019 (ask for details if you are interested in this pilgrimage).


Come, chant and be part of the healing of this world.



Contact Group Leader: Tracy Traeder


Over 1400 children in the Madison school district were identified as homeless last year. Homelessness is to help us all move from compassionate thought to compassionate action. Our mission is to have a direct impact on the lives of homeless children and families in Dane County. We will achieve our goal by partnering with the highly respected and well established organization - The Road Home of Dane County. We will help them stop the cycle of homelessness and help families and children achieve self-determined goals and affordable, stable housing. We need your help to make this mission a success! 


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