Yoga For Beginners

We designed this class specifically for students brand new to yoga. We will focus on cultivating breath and body awareness and moving into postures with the breath. You will be immersed in the fundamentals and flow of Vinyasa yoga and experience introductory meditation and yoga philosophy as well. Our aim is to help you “fall in love” with yoga so you keep coming back to this transformative, heart-opening practice.

Monday   7:15pm-8:30pm
Thursday   5:30pm-6:45pm
Saturday   10:00am-11:15am

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30 Days for $45

Practice unlimited yoga and meditation for 30 days. Your 30 days to experience all our classes and teachers begins the day you take your first class.


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A Shining Example of the Power of Yoga

“I brought myself to Perennial because I knew I needed to start to pay attention to myself, my life, my gut, my spirit, my body, my mind. I needed to get back in touch with me. And I needed a guide. A sanctuary. And a method. I needed Yoga. I felt peaceful on entering the studio. The space welcomed me with its soaring ceilings, vast expanses of glass overlooking the prairies, calming colors and scents of incense. It welcomed my ailing spirit and tired body. I felt safe and open to whatever would happen here. During that first class, our instructor Meg, played the most wonderful music – soothing and energetic, mystical and tangible. I followed her instructions and found myself getting tired long before I thought I would. I found myself dripping sweat. And I found myself loving it. During that first class Meg said, “Listen to what your body is telling you.” It was as though she were speaking right to me. I listened. Here’s what my body said loud and clear: “You better get your butt and your brain and your heart and your soul into this studio a lot – starting today. “         - Carla Coleman

Carla Coleman at Perennial - Yoga, Wisdom, Community in Fitchburg, WI
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