When you step foot into the Perennial community you will feel the warmth that welcomes you and accepts you exactly as you are. Take a look around at what awaits you. 

Take a breath-inspired journey back to your True Nature. Our heart-opening classes and amazing teachers are here for you.



Mother Nature, and her most important message, that life is precious and filled with transitions, comes pouring right into this space. The expansive windows offer a birds eye view of the ever-changing prairie. When you take your place here and witness the waxing and waning of the sun, the occasional storm that rolls through, see Spring-time emerge and the letting go that comes with Fall, you’ll be reminded to go with the flow and to live wholeheartedly. 

EARTH Faces NORTH. It overlooks the prairie, a protected wetlands, that will always stay in it’s natural earthly state. Our Largest Studio. Holds 55 mats. 

Shoe Storage at Perennial in Fitchburg, WI
Entry to Earth Studio at Perennial in Fitchburg, WI


Floor Space in the Earth Studio at Perennial


In our hot studio, you’ll find a beautiful balance of light and shadow, laughter and repose, heart-opening and mind-quieting energy. Our practice, and the nature of this space, is here to teach us how to live in the world, not how to escape it. Creating harmony and equanimity while lighting our internal and external fire. 

FIRE Faces SOUTH. Heats to 95 degrees for our Power/Hot classes. Discover the rejuvenating benefits of hot yoga in this spacious studio. 3 shower spaces are available to all students - towels, soap and shampoo are provided. Holds 30 mats.

Fireplace in the Fire Studio at Perennial in Fitchburg, WI


Enjoy a book, shop our retail area, catch up with a friend or just sit, sip some tea and take it all in. Our community area is for your use. We also have an onsite shower and changing room if you need to freshen up after your class. Let our space be your place. 

Inside the Water Studio at Perennial in Fitchburg, WI
Events in the Water Studio at Perennial
Floor Space in the Fire Studio at Perennial
Entrance to the Fire Studio at Perennial in Fitchburg, WI



Our soothing water studio is the perfect place for a restorative, therapeutic or prenatal class. It is also the place where our Perennial Yoga School meets, and where energy and wisdom are exchanged. 

WATER faces WEST. Available for celebrations, meetings and events you want to host at Perennial.  Surya Cafe can cater food too! A space for 20 mats or to seat 40. 



School Area in the Water Studio at Perennial




This space is for you to find healing and restoration at the hands of one of our energy or body workers. 


1:1 Wellness Room at Perennial in Fitchburg, WI
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