Perennial-East and Surya Cafe located within Garver Feed Mill

109 South Fair Oaks Avenue, Madison, WI 53704


A Note From Megan Grace


I "heard" a larger voice say, "this has already been decided," the first moment I saw the Garver Building. I'm so grateful for the gift of foresight. It allows me to see the beauty that will be revealing itself at our second location and to play my part in making it happen.  Perennial-EAST and Surya Cafe-Madison will be their own beautiful expressions of what has already been born in Fitchburg. We all need a sanctuary and a community to support us so Spirit can express itself through us. We'll be intentionally designing this space, and everything that happens here, to be that space for you. If you want to live THAT life, the one where you live wholeheartedly, walk gently and love endlessly, then we believe you'll find what you're looking for here. Here you'll learn non-dual spirituality and its perennial wisdom, and you'll practice time-tested methods for healing, growing and evolving.  These teachings and practices promise a greater connection to Self and Source and the ability to intuitively know the next "right" thing to do. As this happens more and more you'll begin to co-create with the world around you in ways that foster connection and Wholeness everywhere. These are big promises. But if you show up and do the work, the You that's been aching to step forward and live THAT life really will show up. I look forward to our path's crossing in the near future. In the meantime, come and experience all things Perennial and Surya Cafe at our Fitchburg location. I hope both locations become part of your lifestyle and your physical and spiritual practice. One will represent your "home" and the other an oasis you make a short pilgrimage to.  



Where would I be without these two?  Clare Bornemann (left) Perennial General Manager and Lauren Montelbano (right) Surya Cafe Head Chef are with me every step of the way. 

I am beyond grateful to be surrounded by their brilliance and their youth :).  


Opening SUMMER 2019

At Garver Feed Mill



  • Two large studio spaces - one heated
  • Your Perennial Membership is your passport to both locations
  • Our neighbor is Kosa - a wellness spa for retreat and self-care

Surya Cafe - Madison

  • Conscious, plant-based cuisine
  • South-facing with a large patio
  • A short jump off the bike trail




Garver is a multi-faceted destination that is bringing a landmark to life. Learn more about our newest home.


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