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We are ready to extend the goodness of our plant-based cuisine to your next event, celebration or meeting.  Our aim is to greatly enhance the experience of your next event by preparing delicious, healthy and beautifully presented food.


Nourishing Plant Based Cuisine at Surya Cafe at Pernnial in Fitchburg, WI


Bounty Bowl Buffet | A Great Choice For Your Next Event


A Bounty Bowl Buffet Includes: Quinoa, Brown rice, Chickpeas, Black beans, Roasted vegetables. Toppings:Hummus, Pickled slaw, Shredded carrot, Tomatoes, Sesame seeds.  Dressings: Maple-mustard dressing, Almond butter dressing, Cilantro-lime dressing




This price includes buffet set-up using reusable materials, making it an earth-friendly and eco-conscious event. Take down after the event is also included. We also offer biodegradable plates and utensils for an extra $.60 per person, though you can choose to provide those if you wish. We charge a $25 delivery fee to cover transport costs. Our prices reflect the time that it takes to produce a completely from scratch healthy meal, served in an eco-conscious and tasteful manner, and in a way that makes your event flow seamlessly. 


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