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How to weave together a vinyasa class that grounds, flows, transforms, creates freedom and unifies mind, body and heart - a Wholehearted Yoga class.

The predominant element of nature and ancient symbology expressed in the yoga postures.

Yoga philosophy including the Yoga Sutras and the major branches of Raja, Jnana, Bhakti and Karma yoga.

The subtle body and various yogic models; the bandhas, koshas, kleshas, vayus and chakras that give rise to the energetic shifts we experience on our yoga mat and meditation cushion.

Ayurveda - the “science of life” that brings your practice off your mat and into your lifestyle.


A deepening and expansion of your definition of yoga through your intensified practice-life and with your devoted teachers.


The science, art and spirit of yoga and how abundant your life becomes when you become a devotee.


Sharing heart-to-heart, teaching the dharma, incorporating technical knowledge, and infusing joy and playfulness into your teaching.


Inviting the energetic body into your teaching approach by guiding breath work and offering mudras and mantras.


The nudge you might be needing to step into your power and to make a difference in people’s lives, beginning with your own.


A lot of practice teaching time in partner and small groups.


What it feels like to lean on and learn from a tribe of people who will become very precious to you.


Bring harmony and health within by matching your own cadence with nature and letting go of struggle.


Honor your desires and manifest your dharma through intention-setting, visioning exercises and Yoga Nidra.


Live with greater self-knowledge and self-compassion.


Nourish every level of your being, expand into more freedom, and experience greater unity with yourSelf and others.


Megan Grace Teaching a Yoga Teacher Training Course at Perennial in Fitchburg, WI
Yoga Education Course in Session at Perennial Wisdom Yoga School

June 14 -21
June 23 - 28
June 30 - July 5
July 7 - 14

28 Days | 8:00AM - 3:00PM



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  • Review the schedule and make sure you’re available for the entire training.
  • Read the Program Catalog carefully
  • Learn about the WISDOM Yoga School Staff
  • Search your heart and soul for the answer to the question, “Is this the right step at the right time for me?”
  • Talk to your friends and family and ask for their support as you make this big commitment of time, money and energy.
  • Complete and submit the online Application form 
  • Pay your $100 Application Fee
  • Focus on getting rest, a proper diet and practice yoga and meditation 4-5 times/week.

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