Carla Coleman

It has been said that we may have been sent to yoga by challenges and obstacles in life, and that yoga is about moving toward the light. Carla's own transformational journey began at Perennial Yoga and Meditation in January 2012 and she received her RYT 200 through Perennial Wisdom Teacher Training two years later. Like an archeological dig, her yoga practice has helped her to peel away the layers that had dusted over the authentic self. Her wish is to share this amazing, heartfelt practice with others through vinyasa flow classes that create a moving meditation, a space for your inner wisdom to percolate to the surface, a place to find the stillness inside, and an opportunity to access the spiritual through the physical. Movement, music, meditation, breath work and joy are the foundations of her classes. You bring yourself, your life, your truth. Her hope is for you to unearth your own gifts and grace on your mat, take those treasures into your life, and to live from that center. In addition to taking and teaching yoga classes, Carla is passionate about the dogs in her life; her own four Zen masters, the shelter dogs she works with, and the dogs in her training classes. Hiking the woods and fields with her canine companions, dabbling in interior and landscape design, being a part of the Perennial Yoga community, and sharing life with friends and family members from age 91 to 1 year, keep her grounded, uplifted, and full of gratitude for each day.

Carla Coleman instructs the following:
  • If you're brand new to yoga we encourage you to take our Yoga For Beginners class. Use this time to "fall in love" with yoga, meditation, your teachers and new friends, and most importantly with yourSELF and your life. You'll learn yoga philosophy, yoga breathing and meditation, and of course the basic poses. Make a commitment to yourSELF to practice regularly (2-6 times/week) so you can experience what a difference yoga makes in your mind, body and spirit. Incorporate Yin and our Specialty Classes into your new practice schedule so you can experience the richness and depth of this ancient art/science. Specialty classes that are great for beginners include: Aroma Flow Happy Hour, Yin Aroma Flow, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Kundalini Yoga. 
    For students new to yoga. After you've been practicing 2-6 times per week for a month or two you'll be ready to venture into the other classes on our schedule.